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Inspired by a beach break close by to the Osgood Design workshop, The Chandler features a coastal aesthetic that will remind anyone of waves approaching the ocean shore.
With its curved laminations for the box construction that feature a wrapped grain pattern continuing through all four mitered corners, a matching flow of soft lines on the bottom shelf, and a drawer front reminiscent of a perfect A-frame wave, The Chandler evokes the feeling of being on the coast of the Monterey Bay.
Next to a living room sofa or beside a  bed, The Chandler fits perfectly into any Modern or Coastal home.

The CHANDLER features
- Curved laminations on a mitered and grain-wrapped cabinet top.
- Hand shaped drawer front that resembles a breaking wave
- Organically curved leading edges
- Hand fabricated steel base
- A durable finish with a natural look and feel
- Smooth, soft-closing drawer with solid drawer box construction that gains its strength from hand made dowels.

CHANDLER Makes Waves

Order The Chandler today.

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