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Gong Stand


A crescent moon-shaped stand that will elegantly hold your gong while its soft and flowing features encourage relaxation and meditation.
The Luna's curved and tapered elements give a light appearance, while its solid walnut construction assures strength and rigidity to last the test of time. The silky smooth hand made oil and beeswax finish made using local Osgood Design bee-hives provides durability to the material and rich depth and beauty in appearance.

The Luna is a soft and flowing shaped stand that can be be custom made to fit any sized gong . All hand made with intention.

The LUNA features
- Crescent Moon shaped segmented ring.
- Mortise and tenon joinery
- Organic shaped splayed legs joined using half laps, and draw bored dowels
- Bent laminated White Oak Hanging hooks
- The Osgood Design natural beeswax and oil finish hand made from beeswax extracted and refined from the Osgood Design beehives in Santa Cruz, CA
- Does Not Include Gong

The LUNA Turns the Tide

Order The LUNA today.

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