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The ZAHN, a modern table with a lightweight look, is built with solid construction to last through countless meals and parties.
With no right angles in the base and almost no end-grain to be seen on the tabletop, this table achieves a simple look while having a quiet and subtle complexity that intrigues.
Combining white oak with white metal accents and the few small walnut inlays, the ZAHN will keep you finding a new feature at every new angle viewed from.

The ZAHN features

- Solid joinery wedged through mortise and tenon

- Metal bracing for strength and a subtle accent unseen from the top

- Metal cuffs protecting the legs and providing a pleasing aesthetic

- Breadboard ends to keep the table flat through seasonal expansion and contraction whilst hiding end grain

- Natural beeswax and oil finish that is as durable as the table

ZAHN is German for tooth

Order the ZAHN today.

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