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Rustic Modern Tahoe Cabin

A dining table, headboard, chest of drawers, and floating shelves all constructed from stunning claro walnut lumber salvaged from the historic walnut trees that once line Spreckels Boulevard in California's Salinas Valley.

A special project for many reasons, the 5+ pieces for this spectacular Tahome took over a year to design and build.

The dining table is built from a matchbooked pair of claro walnut slabs salvaged from large upper limbs of a tree that lined the iconic gateway to the Monterey Peninsula from the Salinas Valley, Spreckels Boulevard, and uses a traditional mortise and tusked through tenon for the table base.

The bedroom furniture includes a king sized headboard and dresser made from the same lumber as the dining table. The headboard features two floating nightstands, each with a single solid wood drawer and the dresser highlights the beauty of the Spreckels Claro walnut with a simple appearance, but a complex construction that contains some secrets...

The video reveals these secrets and is a must watch to appreciate the beauty of the unique lumber that comes from the special trees.

Project Gallery

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