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Cheese/Charcuterie Board

Cheese/Charcuterie Board

Made from Osgood Design furniture project offcuts, these cheese and charcuterie boards are made from high quality, beautiful hardwoods including pieces of claro walnut from the century old trees that line John Steinbeck's old stomping grounds on Spreckels Blvd. With 3 different handle styles, you can choose a board that will surely accent any charcuterie spread you use it for with style. Depending on the handle type, these boards measure roughly 16-18" long x 10-12" wide x 1" thick. These are finished with a natural, food-safe oil and wax blend made using beeswax harvested and refined from our hives in Santa Cruz, CA.


Select your board in the drop down menu and a picture of the board will be displayed.

  • Custom Made Board Desired?

    Go ahead and select the option for a custom board in the drop down menu options and email the details about what you would like i.e. wood species, handle design, and/or dimensions.

  • Personalized Engraving?

    To personalize your Board with an engraving, please select "yes" in the options and email with the engraving details.

  • Care and Maintenance

    To wash your Cutting Board, DO NOT USE THE DISHWASHER. Simply hand wash with minimal soap and water and let the board dry on its edge. Do not soak your board in water or liquid either. The wood comes seasoned with oil and wax, but over time general use and washing your board with soap and water will start to make it more susceptible to soaking up moisture and/or drying out quickly, which can deteriorate your board. To avoid this, re-seasoning it will prevent premature wear and tear. Every few months, simply apply some mineral oil liberally on your board, or better yet, some Osgood Design Beeswax Board Butter, being careful not to get any on clothes or stainable surfaces. Allow the board to soak this in overnight and wipe of the excess the next day.

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